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Sex in Seattle Recommendations

Sex Toys, Websites, Books, Videos and more!

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This community is the sister to sex_in_seattle and is the place to come to find recommendations for sex toys, videos, websites and books. We will be posting a recommendation here at least once per week, more often if we happen to be browsing the web and find something that catches our eye. Our recs will include a picture of the item (if available), a description, how to use it (if it's a toy), why we think it's so wonderful, and where to find it.

Feel free to post a request here for information regarding a specific toy, website, etc. All questions regarding general sexual knowledge should be posted on the main community page over at sex_in_seattle. All of the rules listed over there apply here as well.

Just a reminder, just because WE happen to like a particular toy, website, book, etc. doesn't mean everyone will agree. Feel free to reply to posts with your own opinions on recs, but please back up your opinions with reasons. Don't just say a particular toy sucks. Tell us WHY you think it sucks.

If you happen to come across a toy or other item that just rocks your world, please post about it here (following the guidelines outlined in sex_in_seattle) so other people can enjoy it as well.